Where To Start Affiliate Marketing

First of all lets define affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you (an affiliate) drives traffic (customers) to a merchant for the purpose of doing business. It’s that simple. You as an affiliate will drive traffic through the website you have created at Wealthy Affiliates (WA). That is where to start affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliates was founded by Kyle and Carson. They have been in business for over 13 years with over 1 million members all over the world.

How To Get Started

One way is to join the Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership. It is exactly what it is called free starter membership. You will be allowed to attend online classes with lessons on how to build your business. You have zero risk and endless possibilities since you do not have any money invested in your business.

You will be given instant help and support from our community which is composed of affiliates from all over the world. We are at all levels of training. Some are starters and go all the way to the pros already producing in the 6 + figure incomes.

Students learn everything needed to build a successful business online. You will accomplish this by viewing fresh videos, watch tutorials and attend online courses conducted by one of the co-owners.

What Is In The Starter Package

The starter package will give you live help for the first 7 days from the community. You will have the ability to ask from your mentor or any other member of the community for any questions you might have at any time.

The program provides two websites to build on your own using SiteRubix website platform. You will work on your niche where you will transform your own ideas into profits for your business. There is a beginner training course where you will focus on building your business. Find a niche to build your business, something you are passionate about.

The Affiliate Bootcamp Training is primarily focused on affiliate businesses. Here you will learn all you need to start a successful affiliate business online.

WA provides Jaaxy keyword search tool for all you keyword searches. As a starter member, you have 30 searches. At WA you will be learning to build a successful business and will be making money at the same time. You will be provided 1-on-1 coaching for the first 7 days. After that you will have the community and your mentor to ask for support. And most of the time you will receive help within a day or so.

Go Premium For Those That Are Ready For Success

When you upgrade to Premium Member you have all the above plus private message your mentor or any other member of the community including the owners, a website security package SSL and website backup.

Your training will include live video classes and video walk-throughs. All done in a very professional manner that places students first. After the class you will be able to ask any questions you might have concerning the class subject matter. The more you ask the more you learn, never hesitate to ask a question. There is 24/7 website support, website feedback platforms, website comment platforms and website analysis.

Are you ready to for the opportunity to change your life.? Click on the square below. You have nothing to lose and a wealthy future to gain.


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