Life Expectancy In The USA

Great News, Americans Are Living Longer

You are living a longer life and the death rate is dropping in the USA. In 2012 life expectancy in the USA rose to 78.8 years according to an article in USA Today. That is a significant increase to seniors living in the USA.

According to the Social Security Actuarial Life Table states that a person 65 in the year 2014 has a life expectancy of 20.44 years. That means that a person age 65 years of age in 2014, can live to age 85.44 years old. Have you planned for such a long life after retirement? There are many questions to be answered by persons reaching retirement age.



The Benefits Of Living A Longer Live

There are many benefits you can tap into with a longer life. Some of those benefits are:

  • Live to fulfill all or some of your plans after retirement
  • Travel either in the USA or outside of the country
  • Take the cruises you had planned for
  • Live long enough to see your children marry and enjoy their families
  • Watch you grandchildren grow up, graduate and get married
  • Purchase that special car/motorcycle you’ve always wanted
  • Downsize and move into the retirement house of your dreams
  • Start an on-line business
  • Play golf or your favorite pastime when ever you want to

You could go on and on. How about that cottage on the beach. If you live life up in the Northern States you might want to purchase a retirement home in Florida or Arizona your choice of Southern States. You want to keep your house up north because you friends and family are still living up north. You can become a “snow bird” and go to Florida for the winter, while every thing is frozen up north.

How about starting a new career or start your own business to supplement you pension. You always wanted to start your own business but you never had the time while you were still working. Well now you have all the time in the world. But you have to make sure it is the right kind of business. The kind of business that will not require a lot of money to investment. And you do not want to start another 40 hour or more a week business. You want to be able to do the things you want to do at retirement and still make money off you on-line affiliate business.


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Have A Plan

You are going into or have already retired, it is very essential that you have a plan worked out. Get with your spouse or a professional retirement planner. Plan what you are going to do in your retirement life. Are you going to move? If so, you should visit the places you plan on move to for a few months. Make sure it is agreeable with your planned life style.

Will you be traveling outside the US? Make sure your passport is in order. Contact your favorite travel agent if you are going to travel on your own. Some people prefer to travel with groups. Decide which way your will be going and make your arrangements.

Are you going to travel across the US? Will you be going via air, car, recreational vehicle, or boat. Decide what mode of transportation you will be using and plan accordingly. Whit the internet at your finger tips it makes it very easy to plan a long or short trip.

The plan does not have to be written in concrete, or written at all. Just make sure you know how you are spending your retirement years. Make it flexible, after all you are retired and this is the time to do some things spontaneous. Just make sure both of you agree on what you are going to be doing.

The big moves need to be planned out around your retirement life.

The Downside Of A Longer Live

Certainly the obvious downside of a long life is if your run out of money to finance you retirement. This can be avoided if you have planned a retirement life ahead. Some people might not have been so lucky as to plan ahead. Some downside to a long life could be:

  • Lack of money to finance your retirement
  • Poor health and no health insurance
  • Have to keep working to care for mom and/or dad
  • Health problems forced you into early retirement
  • Need of expensive durable medical equipment

Basically money or lack of money is the downside to a long life. In my opinion the increase of the Life Expectancy In The USA has created a dilemma for a lot of people. Do they continue to work a job that requires physical labor but their health will not allow them to continue working. They may decide that they can not physically continue to work. Their retirement is the maximum Social Security with Medicaid for medical insurance. Not enough to life a comfortable life into retirement.

What Can You Do About It

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Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review

Is Wealthy Affiliates a scam? That was my question and I am going to attempt to show you what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. That will be my honest opinion. The founders are Kyle and Carson.

I retired from NASA in 1999. I have been involved in real estate sales in both Texas and Florida. I got tired of retirement life and starting doing some on line research into on-line business or affiliate marketing businesses. During the intensive process I came across a lot of businesses that guaranteed you big money with little or no effort on your part. That was not for me, sounded like a scam. I am a very skeptical person so I had to come up with something unique.


I came across Wealthy Affiliates and it appealed to me. On the surface it appeared to be a unique type of business without the big money, get rich scheme so that was what I was looking for. I will tell you what I have since learned from Wealthy Affiliates. At Wealthy Affiliates you will be able to inspect the whole program at no cost to you. Everything is out on the open for you to inspect and take advantage of what is available to Starter Members.

Wealthy Affiliates has two different membership types. The first is the Starter Membership (no cost) and gives you access to a lot of the benefits that are available to all the members. I want to impress upon you that there is MUCH MORE to be found at Wealth Affiliate. You will be able to up grade to Premium Membership which will cost $19.00 for first month than $49.00 per month there after or $359.00 if you pay by the year.


World class training is mostly performed by co-founder Kyle. Training includes two structure programs one is an Affiliate Boothcamp and the other is an On Line Entrepreneur Certification. You will be able to setup and manage two free websites, two domains, use of site builder and WordPress, and make limited use of Jaaxy our keyword search tool. As a non-paying member you will be able to access part of the training programs. The training you get is enough to get you setup an online business. It is a combination of reading and watching videos. At the end of each lesson you will have task to complete. The tasks will reflect what you learned in the previous lesson. The lessons all lead to you building your own brand name on your website so that you can start making money. You will be able to access your core classes, classrooms, training history and thousands resources. This is a home based business so all of the work will be performed from your computer, at your own pace and from the privacy of your home.


You will also be part of the Wealthy Affiliate community from all over the world. A great place to network with other like minded individuals within the community. The community will be able to answer a lot of your questions that you might have. You will also be receiving expert coaching and advice when you need it.

Anyone can succeed with determination and some hard work. I am giving you my honest opinion it does take some work and determination. But anything worth having doesn’t come free.


A recap of what it takes to start a business

-Choose an interest you are passionate about. Or something that you might want to market. There is no limit to what you can do.
-Set up your website. These will be your foundation to starting a business.
-Attract Visitors to your website. You will learn how to attract free traffic and later will learn about pay per click.
-Earn money. You will learn how to earn money from people visiting your website. There are a lot of ways to earn money


In my opinion there is no other business like Wealth Affiliate to start an online business. My review is based on my own observations and experience with Wealth Affiliate.

I hope that I answered your questions concerning online businesses especially Wealth Affiliate. I have tried to provided you with an honest review of Wealthy Affiliates. Please let me know if I succeeded in doing that for you.

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About Pedro

Welcome to my website. My hope is that you learn something positive about Wealthy Affiliates while enjoying the visit.
I want to offer seniors an opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle you have grown accustomed to or better. Think of the places you want to go or the things you want to do, anywhere in the world. This will not cost you a penny!


I retired from NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX after 35 years of service. I received my Bachelor Degree form the University of Houston while at the space center. After retirement, I attended school for to earn a real estate license. As a Realtor I joined my late wife and we made a good team together. She would take care of the sales in the office while I did the outside work, after her passing I moved to Florida with my new wife. I also earned a real estate license in Florida. But, the real estate market took a dive around 2008 so I allowed my license to go inactive. Nothing was selling and there were too many bad deals I did not care to work with.

Although I had a fairly good retirement along with some real estate investments back in Houston, I always felt like I needed to do more. Something seemed to be missing.

I enjoy traveling and camping but my wife’s health prevents us from doing so many things we would love to do. My wife spends a lot of time on the computer and started investing in the stock market. I tried currency trading, options trading and buying/selling stocks. That was not for me. I did not connect with that so I stopped all my tradings.

Now my wife is looking at working at an on line and e-commerce businesses. Every time she showed interest with a particular group I would check them out on the internet. Most turn out to be scams or close to, then one time I came across “Wealthy Affiliates”. I could not find any bad comments on the company. So I decided to give them a try myself. I have to admit, so far I am impressed at the level of care and training the owners and community have shown me. They are sincere when they say that they are supportive of you and want to see you succeed. There is a multitude of ways that a person can make money at Wealthy Affiliates.


As I have stated before, I have been retired since January 1999. That is a long time, sometimes I wish that I had stayed working a little longer. But that is in the past. I live in central Florida and there are a lot of retirees here. Some have expressed a desire to have some kind of employment or business to supplement their income.

Living on social security is not living a luxurious lifestyle by any means. You can see seniors struggling all around. There are a lot of trailer parks here in Florida. Some trailer parks are very nice and kept real neat. While others are rundown and in need of a lot of repairs. Situations are different in other parts of the country. But for the most part seniors are always looking to improve their wealth. I want to provide seniors with an opportunity to improve their wealth and have fun at the same time.

This is for seniors that want to enjoy a lifestyle they have grown accustom to. Or maybe you want to improve the one you have now. Nothing wrong with wanting more wealth in your “Golden Years”. Why settle for less when you have the opportunity and ability to get more.


My goal is to attract men and women that are getting close to retirement or have already entered into their retirement. For those that are struggling and don’t know how their retirement will be financed this is a great opportunity for you. People that are on social security and without a pension rarely get yearly increases. Even my government pension does not provide for regular yearly increases like I was used to getting. Those that have a retirement pension there is always room for improving your retirement. This is a place for you to gain wealth and have fun meeting a lot of great people.

That is why I invested in real estate and now I have my own online business. But you can do the same thing. Take a free ride with Wealthy Affiliates and you will not be disappointed. This is truly a business that anyone can mastered in a few months. You will be able to set your own goals at your own pace. And work toward accomplishing those goals. All within a great community of like-minded people. Everyone here is attempting to improve their lives.

Finally, the help you get here is second to none. You will be in a structured class that will teach you all you need to know to get your business off the ground and on to making money. You will be getting help from instructor, experts in the field or the community at large. It is a great environment where people are helping people. You put forth the effort you will succeed.

I want to thank you for visiting my website and hope to see you as part of our Wealthy Affiliates community.  Please feel free to log on for a free tour of our affiliate business.  You will not be disappointed.

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